How does the Player Control Network function on my Bass Cabinet?


How does the Player Control Network function on my Bass Cabinet?


Player Control™ Network

Our Player Control™ Network is a proprietary rear panel interface that is a feature of a number of our Bass cabinet designs, providing these cabinets with unprecedented stylistic versatility and gig-friendly convenience. It includes a three-position switch for selecting your preferred crossover frequency, an adjustable L-Pad for blending in the right amount of your cabinet's high-frequency driver, a resettable horn protection switch, and standard ¼-inch and high-current SPEAKON locking connectors.


Crossover Style Control & L-Pad Attenuator

The Crossover switch provides three distinct tonal variations: Our time-proven, detail-enhancing sweet 5K (Normal) setting; the harmonic-friendly, accent-expanding snap of 4K (Sheen) and the modern, articulate cut of 3K (Bright). This feature, combined with the fine tuning adjustment potential of our premium L-Pad horn attenuator provides players with unrivaled stylistic high-frequency tweeter versatility and performance.


Instant Reset Horn Protection

A simple, one-touch reset switch provides convenient horn protection. No fuses, tools or digging inside the cabinet if your tweeter gets spiked. Just reset and play!


SPEAKON & ¼-Inch Connectors

Convenient Inputs and Paralleled Outputs are provided for via "combination" connectors that feature both standard ¼-inch AND locking SPEAKON high-current connections contained within the same connector.


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