What is the Power Consumption of my amplifier?


How to determine the power consumption of your amplifier.

The most power that any amp will ever draw is the AC line voltage multiplied by the amplifier's fuse value and even then, it is unlikely to ever reach its maximum level. For example, in the case of a domestic model Bass Strategy Eight:88 this calculates as 10A x 120V = 1200W. Since much of the power is dissipated through heat, once again, it is unlikely that the amp will actually draw 1200W. To reach this level the amp would have to be totally and a player would never set their amp in this manner (as it will be extremely loud and not sound so great). Also, at that level, the fuse will likely blow.

In the United States, most modern residential circuits are rated 15A or 20A, so they’ll handle a maximum load of either (15A x 120V =) 1800 watts or (20A x 120V =) 2400 watts before a breaker trips. It often takes a number of electrical items operating at once to exceed the limitations of a breaker and if the wiring in a home meets electrical code, its breaker will trip before wires melt or other damage occurs. 


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