What features distinguish Multi-Watt Dual & Triple Rectifiers from previous models?


What features distinguish Multi-Watt Dual & Triple Rectifiers from previous models?

In 2010 MESA introduced the Multi-Watt Dual and Triple Rectifier amplifiers. Not only are these the newest of the Rectifier heads but also the most versatile versions of these heads (and we feel the best sounding of all the models).

From the early 90s to 1999 we built two channel Dual Rectifier Heads. The main features offered were 2 channels, 3 voices, Dual Rectification along with a Bold/ Spongy switch (present Variac) and a bias select switch. These amps also featured a channel cloning switch, so that you could make one channel sound more like the other.

From 2000 to 2009 we built 3 channel Dual Rec Heads. The main features were still Dual Rectification along with a Bold/ Spongy switch (present Variac) and a bias select switch but now you had an additional footswitchable channel plus channel one had two voices (clean & pushed) while channels 2 and 3 had three voices to choose from (Raw, Vintage & Modern). Channels 2 and 3 were identical with the exception of how the presence controls operated on these channels) and with these channels being pretty much identical, (the values of their presence controls being one exception), the need for a channel cloning switch/feature no longer existed.

Most Dual & Triple Recs built prior to 2010 had a parallel effects loop (although the very early 2 Channel Recs had series effects loops). 

In 2010 we introduced the latest generation of Rectifiers – the Multi-Watt 3 Channel Dual & Triple Rectifier Heads. These amps evolved from their predecessors but feature some pretty significant improvements.

Improvements / Features of the Multi-Watt Dual & Triple Rectifier:
1. Patented Multi-Watt Channel Assignable Power – Allows you to assign either 2 or 4 Power Tubes to each Channel for Power Ratings of 50 or 100 Watts of Class A/B Power via independent 50/100 Watt Power Select Switches.  The Triple Rectifier allows you to do the same however with either 2 or all 6 Power Tubes for Power Ratings of 50 or 150 Watts per channel via independent 50/150 Watt Power Select Switches.

2. Patented Channel Assignable Dual Rectification with Recto Tracking – Allows you to assign either Tube Rectification or Silicon Diode Rectification to each Channel to fine tune the feel and character of each Channel.

3. New Footswitchable, Tube-Driven SERIES FX Loop – Vastly improved performance and tone with Multi-Effects than the Parallel Loop - Exceptionally transparent in preserving your tone while being easier to use with any type of effects.

4. New Tuner Output with Footswitchable Tuner Mute

5. New Compact Footswitch – New 3x3 Stacked, 6 Button Footswitch – Top Row = Mute, FX Loop & Solo, Bottom Row = Channel 1, 2 & 3

6. Improved Clean & Pushed Modes (Channel 1):
- Clean Mode features improved headroom for amazing clarity and the most sparkling bell-tone cleans ever from a Recto, even with hotter humbuckers.
- Pushed Mode features tighter, more focused and percussive low end with an amazing range of gain from Overdrive textures to full-on ripping Crunch.

7. Improved Channel Cloning on Channels 2 & 3 – Raw, Vintage and Modern modes have been further optimized for similar performance on either channel. A dual potentiometer for each Presence Control allows for the Presence Control pot value to be best suited for the voicing mode in use.

8. Improved Presence Control on Vintage Mode – Provides better high-end balance and control between Vintage and Modern Modes


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