How can I care for and maintain my hardwood cabinet?


Care of Hardwood Cabinets:
Hardwood cabinets should be treated as a piece of fine furniture, and with routine maintenance, can last indefinitely. Avoid exposing your Hardwood cabinets to direct sunlight, excessive heat, excessive cold or dampness over long periods of time.

Maintenance of Hardwood Cabinets:
Routine maintenance can be performed on a cabinet depending on the various elements it is exposed to.

  • If the cabinet becomes dirty, lemon oil should be used to clean the surface. 
  • If dirt does not remove easily, try using 0000 steel wool with the lemon oil. This process should be followed by applying a coat of wax to the cabinet.
  • When cabinet finish begins to dull, it is time to apply another coat of wax. The wax finish on this cabinet acts just like the wax finish on a car, it protects the cabinet from the elements of nature.

We recommend using Trewax Paste Wax. This wax is a clear paste that contains Brazilian Carnauba; believed to be the world's hardest natural wax. It ensures a lustrous, hard, long wearing finish and can restore your cabinet's original rich brilliance. We feel it provides the best protection and finish for your cabinet. 

A proper wax finish can be achieved by following the manufacturer’s directions on back of the container.

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