Warranty Information - Outside of the USA & Canada


Warranty Information for those residing outside of the United States & Canada

MESA/Boogie products are sold and serviced by Distributors in more than 50 countries outside the USA & Canada. MESA/Boogie, Ltd. provides a Warranty on products sold only within the US and Canada and only to customers who physically reside and use the products within those borders. Warranty on products sold outside of the US and Canada are provided by local Authorized MESA/Boogie Distributors, who typically reside within the country or a bordering country. The terms and conditions of those Warranty policies are provided by the Authorized MESA/Boogie Distributor, not MESA/Boogie Ltd.

Customers are welcome to register their MESA Products with MESA directly, however, as stated on the Registration Form, registering a product may not constitute a warranty registration. Please refer to the actual warranty policy that accompanies your product at the time of purchase for warranty details. 

Click here to locate a Distributor and inquire about the warranty offered in the locations they service.

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