V-Twin Pre-Amp Pedal & V-1 Bottle Rocket Pedal Power Supplies


Power Supply for the V-Twin and V-1 Bottle Rocket Pedals

Unfortunately, we ran out of power supplies for Domestic Model V-Twin Pre-Amp Pedals and V-1 Bottle Rocket Pedals long ago. We did, however, locate a source for them though. Click here to purchase this specific power supply. This power supply reflects all of the required specifications and is a fully approved replacement.

The necessary specifications for the V-Twin and Bottle Rocket are:

    • Input: 120V AC 60hz
    • Output: 12V AC, 1 amp (1,000 ma)
    • Plug size
    • Inside DIMS 2.5mm
    • Outside DIMS 5.5mm
    • Barrel Length 11mm

It may still be possible to obtain power supplies for Export Models of these pedals through an Authorized MESA/Boogie Distributor. Click here to locate the nearest to you.

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