MESA Factory Service - Warranty & Maintenance


MESA Factory Service - Warranty & Maintenance

In addition to warranty service, we will gladly repair or perform maintenance on any MESA/Boogie product that is no longer covered by warranty in our factory shop. Before sending your MESA gear to us, please obtain a RMA# and shipping instructions.

The most common issues with tube amps turn out to be a faulty tube. If you have spare tubes and a little time to do some troubleshooting, we encourage you to try the steps mentioned in our tube troubleshooting article. If you are not comfortable troubleshooting an amp yourself, you are welcome to take your amp to an authorized service center or send it to us for service.

Service fees are determined by the amount of time involved in a repair and the cost of parts used. Please also consider shipping costs (and taxes if a resident of California or if the item is being shipped outside of the United States) when budgeting for service.

See below for estimates of the most common services we perform. Please call (707) 789-3348 Monday through Thursday, 9 AM to 5 PM PST to speak with a Customer Support Representative for more specific estimates.

General Service Estimate
Recent / Current Guitar Amp Models (if out of Warranty) $125 - $200
Mark I Original, Mark II A/B/C, Mark III, Mark IV, SOB, D180, Original 2-channel Dual/Triple Rec $200 - $300
Studio 22, 50 Caliber, Studio Preamp, Quad Preamp  $150 - $200
TriAxis $200 - $350
Bass 400 $150 - $250
Bass 400+ $200 - $300
Bass Amps other than Bass 400 or 400+ please call for est.
Foot Controllers $50 - $75
Pedals, CabClone & Accessories $25 - $50


Additional Services Estimate
Amp Needing or Requested To Have Most or All Tubes Replaced  add $125 to $200
Correcting Bad Past Repairs add $100 to $150
Filter Cap Replacements (beyond what our techs find necessary) add $75
Liquid Spills add $100 to $150
Badly Burnt PC Board Damage need photos for est.
Physical or Structural Damage need photos for est.
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