How does the Program/Channel button work on a TriAxis?


How does the Program/Channel button work on a TriAxis? 
(and a Very Simplified Explanation of MIDI).

On the TriAxis, the Program/Channel function and display are actually TWO different functions in one:

PROGRAM is the number sent by your controller to call up your presets (sounds). As the default, Program 1 will call up Preset 1 but this can be changed by simply using the left or right arrow key to change the preset number to the desired one and hitting ENTER two times to save it.  Now Program 1 always calls up whatever preset you assigned it.

The other half of “Program/Channel” is CHANNEL. This does not refer to channels of an amp, or different sounds (such as Clean or Distortion): in this case, “Channel” means “MIDI channel”. There are 16 possible MIDI channels.

Which of these two functions are presently active on your TriAxis? If the number in the display is steady (not blinking), you are looking at the PROGRAM function. If the number is blinking, you are looking at the currently assigned (MIDI) “CHANNEL”. To toggle between these two different functions, just hit the gray Program/Channel button.

“MIDI” stands for “Musical Instrument Digital Interface”.  It is basically a system of communication, invented in the early 1980’s, that enables MIDI-equipped instruments, amps, effects devices and controllers to communicate with each other through a standard MIDI cable. Relevant, standard MIDI “commands” are understood by various types of gear. The TriAxis understands “Program Change” commands (as sent by a MIDI controller) and later versions of the TriAxis also understand “Control Change”, in which a MIDI pedal sends “continuous controller” messages to change values of any or all of the TriAxis’ parameters (as programmed by the user).

If  the “MIDI CHANNEL” on the TriAxis is set to “01”, it will respond to MIDI messages sent by a controller (or controlling device) that is transmitting on midi channel “01”.  A controller transmits or “broadcasts“ on a MIDI channel; like a TV station. A MIDI Channel can usually be selected on all modern MIDI devices. Be sure to check that all MIDI devices you wish to control are synchronized (operating on the same MIDI channel) before assuming a MIDI function has failed.

To change the MIDI CHANNEL: Press the PGM / CH key. The PROGRAM display now indicates current Midi Channel number by flashing. Use the left & right arrowed keys to change the CHANNEL number. When the desired channel is reached, press the PGM / CH key to return the display to the PROGRAM number.

For further information regarding the TriAxis, please check out its user manual.

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