How can I learn more about a product Out of Production?


How can I learn more about products that are Out of Production / Discontinued?

You've just picked up a MESA/Boogie product, found that we don't have a page for it on our website and have determined it is likely no longer being made or perhaps you've pulled one out of the closet you've not used in a while, you're a little foggy on some of the features and could use a refresher on a few details. Believe us, we know after a number of years have gone by how difficult it can be to recall the details and while we may not always remember the facts, there are some reference materials that can be turned to for many of the products.

In addition to the information you may find on this Customer Support Site, a large number of Product's User Manuals are available for download as a PDF document.

We also have information archived for Out of Production Products that we've recently had web pages built for, where you can click on the product name to view more details.

A Chronological History of MESA Amps can be viewed on this Support Center and along with an article sharing how to locate your amp's serial number.

And... if you can't find your answer using these resources, while we may or may not always know certain specifics about your amp (our brains get a bit foggy too on some details - especially on the oldest of models), we will do our best to come up with an answer to inquiries you submit about your MESA gear via our Submit a Request Form or by phoning MESA's Customer Support Representatives at (707) 789-3348.


MESA/Boogie's normal business hours are 9:00 am to 5:00 pm PST, Monday through Thursday. We are closed for most national Holidays.


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