Why is there occasionally a delay when powering up a SUBWAY D-800 or D-800+?


Why is there occasionally a delay when powering up a SUBWAY D-800 or D-800+?

The SUBWAY® D-800™ will only power up once within a 20-second window due to a short cycle controller. This is essential to protect its inrush current management circuits. If the amp is powered up, shut down, then immediately powered up again, the protection circuit will prevent power up until a total of 20 seconds lapses. Should you accidentally turn the amp on and then off right away, you can leave the power switch on, and after the 20 seconds have elapsed, the amp should power up. It may be possible, under the rare instance of a high AC voltage disturbance, for the amplifier to require a reset by unplugging and plugging back into the AC power source. This likelihood would be really rare but is possible.

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