Why is the Limit light on my Subway D-800 or D-800+ staying on continuously?


We have had a small hand full of inquiries about signal loss and/or the limit light being on at times when players didn’t feel it should. Unfortunately, the cause for this, in almost every case, is a damaged potentiometer or two due to the front panel of the amp receiving a hit.

We suggest being extremely cautious when transporting your Subway Bass Head. Keep in mind that even in their gig bag, a direct hit on a potentiometer (such as gear shifting in your vehicle, a run in with a headstock, a falling mic stand or your singer doing a poor imitation of a Roger Daltry's mic tricks) may be all it takes to damage a pot.

Should your Subway portray this symptom, we can resolve it for approximately $50 plus shipping. Click here to provide us with the details necessary to set up an RMA for your amplifier or you are welcome to call (707) 778-6565 (Monday through Thursday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM PST) to speak with a Customer Support Representative directly about making service arrangements and obtaining an RMA#.


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